Saturday, August 22, 2009

"The Loading Zone" album by Ron Barnett

As part of my research into the history of The Loading Zone, I came across this ad for the Loading Zone's self-titled first album on RCA. It was part of an ad for albums available at Longs Drugs in the May 26, 1968 edition of The Fresno Bee. Mistakes in album titles and artists were common enough, of course, but usually they were simply misspellings or inversions--"Love by Four Sail" instead of "Four Sail by Love", for example.

The oddity here is that Ron Barnett was the manager of The Loading Zone. How he ended up listed as the artist is a mystery.

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  1. The Loading Zone web page has been updated to include a number of nifty additional items. One of the items that is included is a copy of a letter written by Ron Barnett to the Berkeley Barb saying that the Zone will not ask to be paid for performances if there is good reason for the benefit/event etc..