Wednesday, September 2, 2009

25100 Mission Blvd, Hayward, CA: Call Girl A-Go-Go, 1965

Most fads don't age well, and the "Go-Go" phenomenon seems sexist and dated now, but this particular establishment kind of takes the cake. This ad for the Call Girl A-Go-Go at Chef Fone is from the Hayward Daily Review of June 18, 1965. 25100 Mission Boulevard is on Hayward's main thoroughfare (about a mile South of Jackson Street, on the Eastern edge of the "Jackson Triangle").

Here's what I wonder--the women who danced here would be in their sixties now. What do they think of it today? I suspect a lot of Go-Go dancers look back on their employment fondly, because it was fun and life was full of possibilities. It's one thing, however, to work at "Tiger A Go Go" or "Frenchy's A Go Go," and quite another to work at Call Girl A Go Go.

"Call Girl" meant the same thing then that it does now, although perhaps the term wasn't so publicly known. What was the marketing angle? The general idea of Go Go clubs was "good clean fun." Of course it was sexy, and men were supposed to desire the dancers, but it was basically an inducement to dance, get hot and bothered and buy drinks. Would you go there on a date? "Hey honey, we could go to Frenchy's or Call Girl A Go Go?"

I'm pretty much speechless over this one.

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