Tuesday, September 1, 2009

1968 Band Names, Winnipeg, Manitoba

This clipping from the Winnipeg Free Press of February 10, 1968, in the "As I See It" column by entertainment writer Ron Legge, claims to list the name of every rock band in Winnipeg. I haven't heard of any of them, but there are some good names. Among them

  • The Overly Inflated Ego's
  • Athem Zuzu Ukamunga Sewing Circle And Timing Association Book Review
  • The Quid
  • The Yawning Peals

There are some familiar names, like The UFOs and Boston Tea Party, but every region had bands with those names.

None of these groups matter, in the big scheme of things, but most of them were probably important to the people who were in them.

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  1. The Quid cut a 45 that is a bit of a garage classic, "Crazy Things".

    // Patrick